Standard Commission

Every sale made through your affiliate links earns you a regular percentage commission. Here's commission info:

  • The under-10 selling commission rate is 10%.
  • Those with 11 or more sales receive a commission of 15%. 

   Affiliate Payment Plan

  • If a referral passes all of the following conditions, payment will be made in the subsequent calendar month:
  1. Referrals buy on 
  2. Any payments made for the referral have not been cancelled, reversed, or returned.
  3. Referral earnings in the Affiliate's account are at least USD 25.
  • If the minimum requirement of USD 25 is not fulfilled, any remaining balance will be carried over to the following month, subject to a maximum of six months. If an affiliate hasn't earned USD $25 in the preceding 6 calendar months, they will forfeit all commissions and have their payout balance reset to USD $0.
  • Unless Cryorec determines otherwise in its sole discretion, all Affiliate Fees must be paid in U.S. Dollars. Payment will be made via PayPal (not including the Paypal fee).
  • Cryorec reserves the right to withhold payments of Affiliate Fees for up to three calendar months should the company suspect any fraudulent behaviour in connection with the referral of customers to  In the case of fraudulent, misleading, or otherwise illegal behaviour, Cryorec retains the authority to recalculate, nullify, or otherwise disqualify any referral or Affiliate Fees.
  • Note: Payouts are not available for referrals who make purchases using discounts or coupons found on 

Here's an Important Reminder:

We reserve the right to modify advertising charge prices at any time, for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Reduce or raise the advertising fee for particular products or product categories, or remove them from collecting advertising fees altogether.
  • Advertising fees may be earned on Products or categories of Items that were not previously eligible for advertising fees, or at increased advertisement fee rates from those set out above, under certain limited-time specials or promotions that we may run.

We may update this page or send emails, blog posts, or other notices about exclusion, rate increases, special offers, or promotions.