How do I care for my sleeve?

Clean the sleeve using an antibacterial wipe and let it air dry before using it again or storing away. Keep the compression sleeve in the plastic bag it comes in to preserve its functionality and keep it dry. It’s also recommended to use the plastic bag while putting the sleeve in the freezer. But, make sure not to use the plastic bag while heating the sleeve in the microwave.

How long do I keep the sleeve on?

The recommended time to keep the sleeve on the targeted area for maximum effectiveness is 20 minutes.

Can I use the same Cryorec sleeve on different body parts?


Can I heat my Cryorec?

Yes. Cryroec compression sleeve is a versatile, multi-purpose product. It can be used both as a cold and hot compress for the arm, leg, knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, hamstrings, and quads.

What if Cryorec’s compression sleeve doesn’t work for me?

Compression sleeves put constant pressure on your circulatory system. While this level of pressure may be safe during exercise